About Us

InstaRabbi began as a small project to cultivate and enhance the halachic knowledge and observance of Jews around the world. What started as a small forum has now grown to take a life of its own, and InstaRabbi is now an epicenter of reinvigorating conversation and clear guidance to the proper observance of the Torah. Our dedicated staff devote time around the clock with the goal of nurturing and refining the halachic discord of Jews all around the world.

Following the general consensus of Orthodox halachic psak, ask with confidence any questions to our Rabbinical staff behind InstaRabbi. Our Rabbis have spent countless years achieving their ordinations, and now they are more than happy to answer any question you might have.

The Mishnah in Avos (1:18) teaches "Appoint for yourself a Rav, and remove yourself from doubt." While not an actual replacement for the close relationship with a Rav (which we strongly encourage every user to seek and maintain) our app can act as a supplemental source to give any guidance outside of existing relationships. It is our honor to serve the larger Jewish community.